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We offer the most powerful and intuitive software and APIs for growing your business. Process rental applications, collect payments and manage owner payouts automatically on one single platform.

All the tools, all in one place

We bring together everything that is required to transact a lease from accepting move-in monies and signing contracts, collecting rent and one-off charges, and paying out owners.
Prebuilt components
Reduce costs and save time with our conversion-optimised application and onboarding flows. Customers can self-serve their information and sign contracts online.
Pull vs push
No more customers writing out and posting cheques, logging in to online banking or forgetting to pay. Our pull-based payment methods collect payments automatically.
Arrears reduction
With Yorlet, 97% of payments succeed on the first try, and for the few that do fail our automated recovery tools re-collect 80% of payments without any human interaction.
Automate payouts
Never touch funds, automate your complete financial workflow and enable automatic payouts to your landlords and suppliers.

The most powerful API in real-estate

We've built our entire product to be API-first, allowing you to integrate our services directly into your software platform.

Our mission

Yorlet is a technology company that builds payment tools for real-estate. Businesses small and large use our software to automate leasing, accept payments and manage their business online.
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