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Our mission is to simplify renting for everyone.

Our founders Max and Will started Yorlet in 2016, after experiencing a needlessly complicated lettings process. They worked closely with their landlord to develop a property management platform that would automate processes, whilst keeping in mind their own initial frustrations. For this reason, our mission is to simplify renting for both landlords and their residents.

Since starting out, we’ve enabled landlords to let over 100 properties and manage nearly 1,000 residents. Initially aimed at private landlords, we’ve made it a core principle of ours to make sure our software is as intuitive as possible.

Automation, communication, and ease-of-use have always been our software's three biggest strengths. As a result, the benefits experienced by landlords are amplified as the number of residents managed are scaled up. For this reason, in 2018 the decision was made to focus our product development on a solution for institutional residential property managers.

Meet the team

Will Stenhouse


Max Cartwright


Ollie Clabon


Thomas Allen


Tommy Shorthouse


Harvey Robinson


Estelle Roux-Stevens

Human Resources


James Sanson

Nik Silver

Made in London. Founded in 2016.