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Rapidly onboard new properties, landlords and investors to your business with branded digital agreements, built-in KYC checks and real-time payouts.

Onboarding & verification

Secure new business with a digital experience that automates compliance and admin
Management negotiation
Manage the full negotiation process for new owners with just an email address. Yorlet's prebuilt onboarding flow collects your owners information and helps track deal progression in real-time.
Easily onboard owners
Ensure you are always compliant with AML regulations with instant KYC checks that are part of Yorlet's simple onboarding flow.
Built-in identity verification
Address checks
Document authenticity
Sanctions screening
Digital management agreements
Rapidly onboard new owners to your services with digital management agreements. Secure new business and automatically deduct management fees from future rental income.


Generate income statements, automate tax declarations and distribute funds 
Tax reporting
Yorlet will manage the collection of non-resident landlord tax when the owner is not a UK tax resident.
Automatically generate and send NRL6
Deduct non-resident tax from statements
Real-time statements
Rent payments collected by Yorlet Billing are automatically routed to owner accounts. You can specify management fee, expense and service charge deductions.
Payment runs
Batch thousands of owner payouts into one simple CSV you can upload to your bank to make payments. Use built-in controls to reduce mistakes and improve compliance.

Owner portal

Offer full transparency, performance analytics and access to key documents
Performance overview
Give owners an overview of their asset performance at a glance with powerful analytics and a historical view of payouts.
Owner statements
Access all statements and unit data from one place. Download PDF statements and access key documents on the go.
Unit ownerships
Support for single or multi-person assets ownership. Payments are split based on ownership stakes and allocated automatically to the correct owner.
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