Yorlet integrates with Deposit Protection Service (DPS) to further streamline deposit management

May 8, 2024

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London, May 2024 – In a significant move for the UK's property management sector, Yorlet, the innovative payments-focused lettings & property management software provider, has announced its integration with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS), the UK's largest protector of tenancy deposits. This collaboration is set to enhance the efficiency of deposit protection for Yorlet’s agent and property management clients, make compliance with UK renting legislation easier and provide a broader range of choices for deposit protection.

The integration allows Yorlet's users to directly access The DPS's services through the Yorlet platform, streamlining the process of deposit registration, protection, and compliance. This partnership is in addition to Yorlet's existing integration with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), offering Yorlet’s customers an even wider selection of deposit protection options to suit their diverse needs.

Key Advantages of the Yorlet-DPS Integration:

  • Efficiency: Direct integration reduces the time and effort required to protect deposits, enabling property professionals to focus on delivering exceptional service to tenants and landlords.
  • Compliance: This makes it far easier to manage compliance with UK tenancy deposit protection regulations, providing peace of mind and a greater sense of legal security for Yorlet's users.
  • Choice: By offering integrations with both DPS and TDS, Yorlet gives property managers and agents the flexibility to choose the scheme that best fits their operational needs and preferences.

"Partnering with The Deposit Protection Service underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive, easy-to-use solutions that address the real-world challenges faced by today's property professionals," said Max Cartwright, CEO of Yorlet.

"This integration reduces time spent on registration and compliance for our customers, allowing them to focus on the things that drive their business.”

The DPS is equally enthusiastic about the partnership.

David Hackett, Head of Business Development at DPS, stated, "We're excited to work alongside Yorlet to make the process of deposit protection as seamless as possible for agents and property managers across the UK.

Our shared goal is to use technology to enhance the deposit protection experience, and this integration is a big step forward in that direction."

The Yorlet-DPS integration is now live, providing immediate benefits to property professionals seeking to simplify their mandatory processes. This development represents another milestone in Yorlet's ongoing mission to transform property management through innovative technology.

About Yorlet

Yorlet is a pioneering property management software company offering a fully integrated, customisable suite that caters to the unique needs of the UK's property management sector. With a focus on advanced payment processing and financial management, Yorlet empowers property professionals to achieve unparalleled efficiency and growth.

About The DPS

The Deposit Protection Service’s custodial tenancy deposit protection scheme is accredited by the Government. It is provided free of charge, and funded entirely by the interest earned from deposits held in the scheme. The DPS was approved by the UK government to run an insured TDP scheme in September 2012 in addition to the approval it has already been granted by the UK government in respect of the custodial scheme. The DPS is run by Computershare Investor Services PLC. Online self-service allows landlords to register and make deposit payments, transfers and repayments 24 hours a day. Help and advice is available through a dedicated call centre during office hours. An impartial Dispute Resolution Service helps to resolve any disputes quickly and without the need for court action.

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