Yorlet surpasses record £100 million in payments processed

Mar 20, 2024

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London, March 2024 – Yorlet, a state-of-the-art, fully automated end-to-end lettings platform, proudly announces a monumental achievement by surpassing over £100 million in payments processed on behalf of its clients. This significant milestone underpins Yorlet's commitment to providing the most streamlined payment collection and advanced recovery tools in the industry, driving efficiency, productivity and growth for lettings and property management professionals across the UK.

Yorlet is an ambitious platform designed for fast-growing companies in one of the UK’s most technologically underserved industries. It creates fully bespoke end-to-end solutions for each client to ensure maximum efficiency and growth that’s tailored to their unique needs, rather than clients having to adapt ways of working to a rigid, off-the-shelf solution.

Yorlet has consistently maintained an industry-leading successful payment collection rate of over 97% for first-time payments such as rent collection. Similarly, Yorlet’s instant arrears recovery tools automatically reclaim 82% of the remaining 3%, without clients needing to lift a finger.

Max Cartwright, CEO of Yorlet, commented: "Reaching the £100 million mark in processed payments is not just a testament to our platform's reliability and efficiency but also to the trust that the UK's property management professionals place in us. Our mission has always been to reimagine property management through technology, and this achievement propels us further towards that goal. We are excited to continue innovating and driving success for our clients."

As Yorlet continues to grow and expand its capabilities, the company will be making new announcements on clients and new world-class functionality in the coming weeks. Yorlet is not just redefining how payments are processed in property management; it's setting a new benchmark for what property professionals can expect from their software solutions.

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About Yorlet

Yorlet is a pioneering property management software company offering a fully integrated, customisable suite that caters to the unique needs of the UK's property management sector. With a focus on advanced payment processing and financial management, Yorlet empowers property professionals to achieve unparalleled efficiency and growth.

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